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iNADO Staff

The office of iNADO is composed by a young, qualified and multicultural staff. The communication language is English, but we are happy to assist our members in French, German, Spanish, Hungarian and Turkish. We are always excited to hear from our members and look forward to your requests as we are eager to support iNADOs Member organisations.

iNADO Office

At present, iNADO has five staff members working in its office in Bonn.

Jorge Leyva

Jorge Leyva is the Chief Executive officer (CEO) of iNADO. As well as being the public face of iNADO, his role includes strategic and financial planning, and the presentation of iNADO’s member NADOs and RADOs needs and interests.

Jorge studied Economics and Business Administration in Heidelberg, Germany, and in his hometown Guadalajara, Mexico. He also holds a Master's Degree in Sport Management from the German Sport University in Cologne (DSHS) where he focused his research on sport development and sport policy. He is the co-author of several papers on governmental sport policies.

Prior to joining iNADO Jorge held positions in management areas such as supply chain, sales and finance of large- and medium-sized companies.

Solenne Zandronis
(Capacity Building Manager)

Solenne is the Capacity Building Manager at iNADO. Her role is focussed on engagement with iNADO members to identify their needs and provide support to achieve compliance with anti-doping policies and practices in their day-to-day operations and in building up synergies within our community.

Solenne has a Bachelor in Languages (Native French, she speaks fluent English, Spanish, and a sufficient level of German) as well as a Master’s Degree in International Business in Emerging Economies. Her career has been dedicated to achieving fairness, transparency and education in the economy and civil society.

Solenne has almost 10 years of experience in International Voluntary Standards, as a Project Manager and Auditor. She has worked on the design, implementation, audit, continuous improvement and certification of various sustainability programs to promote fair and sustainable production and trading practices. Furthermore, she has contributed to strengthening producers' and workers' rights, improve living conditions, and gender equality.

Janka Deszatnik
(Member Services Coordinator)

Janka is the Member Services Coordinator of iNADO. Janka is responsible for all communication channels of iNADO, including newsletters and social media platforms, connecting its members but also other parties involved in the work of NADOs. Additionally, she is the contact person for events organised by iNADO.

Janka has worked for European sport organizations in event and social media management. Currently, she is pursuing her Master degree in International Sport Development and Politics at the German Sports University.

Her passion is fair play and providing equal opportunities in and through sports, that drove her to the anti-doping community. Besides her Hungarian mothertongue, Janka speaks English, German and a sufficient level of Spanish.

Ilayda Arslan (Administration Assistant)

Ilayda is the Administration Assistant of iNADO. She ensures the day-to-day operation of the office and the structured administration of different inquiries. In addition, she manages contacts and supports the execution of iNADO events.

Before studying at the University of Cologne, she pursued a degree in North American Studies in Turkey.

Prior, Ilayda worked in companies with different profiles, where she established the foundation of the office’s efficient and well-organized management. Ilayda speaks Turkish, English and German.

Felix Eich (Research Assistant)

Felix is a Research Assistant at iNADO. He is responsible for monitoring the latest novelties in the research field of anti-doping. Felix has worked in various settings of the sport world, such as public relations and fitness coaching. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science from the Goethe University in Frankfurt.

As a sport enthusiast, he has volunteered in organisations such as Kicker Sports Magazine and Deutsche Welle. Felix speaks German, English, Spanish and a little French.


His motivation to work at iNADO drives from his love for the phenomenon of sports, a cultural good whose integrity and ethics of fair-play should be preserved in his opinion.

Felix will contribute to iNADO with his critical mindset not only on anti-doping matters but on sport policies and politics.