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Speaking up for NADOs/RADOs Globally

Our strategic priority Speaking up for NADOs/RADOS Globally is focused on advocating for a stronger anti-doping ecosystem and promoting transparency through insights based on the experiences of NADOS/RADOS. 

Speaking up for NADOs/RADOs Globally is backed by three strategic activities:  

  • Advocate for practice 
  • Gather & share data 
  • Share global stories  

Advocate for Practice

Through working with the WADA, ITA, and other anti-doping stakeholders, we bring the perspective of our members together to advocate for the changes in the wider anti-doping system we want to see. Some examples of outputs connected to this activity include Advocacy Meetings and Thought Leadership Briefs to address specific topics where change needs to happen.

Gather and share Data

Through collecting and publishing stats from individual NADOs and RADOs (e.g., number of tests, ADRVs etc.), our members and other anti-doping stakeholders can see transparently. An example of an output connected to this activity includes Insight Reports to shed transparency on specific topics.  

Share Global Stories

Through putting the brilliant work of our NADOS and RADOS at the centre of the anti-doping conversation, we share successes and lessons from real practice. An example of an output connected to this activity includes Stories about our members anti-doping work.