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Improving Practice Everywhere

Our strategic priority Improving Practice Everywhere is focused on empowering and encouraging every NADO/RADO to improve from where they are – using established and emerging best practices. 

Improving Practice Everywhere is backed by three strategic activities: 

  • Connect members for support 
  • Coordinate helpful materials 
  • Run capacity building events 

Connect Members for Support

Through being a central coordination and knowledge centre, we connect NADOS who need support with those who are equipped and able to support. An example of an output connected to this activity is the Overview of Member-to-Member Support that provides information on which iNADO members are giving and receiving support to each other in specific areas.  

Coordinate Helpful Materials

Through making useful capacity-building materials available to members (e.g., documents, templates, guides), we help members to help themselves. An example of an output connected to this activity is our Member-Only Library where helpful materials from the wider anti-doping community are stored and at our members’ disposal.

Run Capacity Building Events

Through hosting interactive conversations and opportunities to learn and exchange, we bring best practices to the awareness of everyone both online and in person. Some examples of an outputs connected to this activity include our Webinars and Annual Workshop.