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Stay connected to iNADO

iNADO Public Channel

Once a month, iNADO hosts a public or member-only webinar with anti-doping expert guests to share best-practices, inform the community about news and innovation, and create live discussion between members.

On our GoToChannel, you’ll find the recordings of all our public webinars. The videos are accessible to everyone for free.

Monthly Newsletter

iNADO Update is our free newsletter for our members and other parties interested in anti-doping. The newsletter provides a consistent overview of anti-doping activities including stories of success of our members; collecting important news from the anti-doping world; summarizing  information for ease of reading; and sharing events and vacancies which may be of interest. Stay informed and subscribe to our Newsletter.

Basecamp (member only)

Basecamp is the peer-to-peer exchange platform reserved for iNADO Members. It is a space for NADOs and RADOs to exchange practices, ask questions, share challenges or tips and inform others about events or important announcements from their organization.

Connect to your Basecamp group(s). If you do not have an account or you would like to be added to a new group, contact us at: info@inado.org.

iNADO Live Chat

Our podcast iNADO Live Chat follows our vision to share expertise, best practices and to promote the diversity of topics and opinions in anti-doping. The podcast is valuable platform to reflect on anti-doping, how it has progressed over the years, the challenges it still faces, and how as a community we can collaborate to reach a world in which all athletes participate in clean sport. Listen to our episodes on Spotify or online on Podbean.

Events and Newsroom

The Newsroom of the iNADO website serves to inform you about the latest insights, news, events and updates the anti-doping community should be aware of and enables members to share their important announcements and events.

If your anti-doping organization have an announcement or event related to anti-doping you would like to share, please contact us here. Invitations to iNADO events and webinars open to the public will be published here. Click for more information.



We use Twitter to raise awareness of our role, draw attention to anti-doping issues in the news and as an additional channel to engage with the anti-doping community. We also share iNADO and our members’ events to reach a wider audience. Follow us on Twitter.