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iNADO drives the Declaration of the Guiding Principles for the Future of Anti-Doping

In recognition of the fact that a continuous evolvement and improvement of the anti-doping system is crucial for it to be relevant and effective, a group of National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) proposed the adoption of the Declaration of Guiding Principles for the Future of Anti-Doping. The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO) has welcomed the invitation from this group of NADOs to promote and coordinate the application of these Guiding Principles to ensure leadership and quality across the anti-doping system worldwide. 
The Guiding Principles for the Future of Anti-Doping state:

  1. Athletes’ voice: The athletes’ voice should be given a prominent position in anti-doping reflecting their importance and the burden of responsibilities they bear in the name of clean sport, and anti-doping should focus on protecting the rights, careers, health and safety of athletes;
  2. Justice: Based on the principles of human rights, everyone in sport is entitled to objective investigations, due process, transparency and proportionality;
  3. Education: Maximizing deterrence, targeted programs and athlete engagement is key to an effective approach to education and prevention programs in anti-doping;
  4. Good governance in all Code signatories: Transparency, inclusion and avoidance of conflict of interests for all organizations involved in anti-doping are prerequisites for a reliable and trustworthy anti-doping community;
  5. Quality of delivery & innovation: All actors in anti-doping must implement the highest standards of quality and innovation;
  6. Separation of powers: The establishment of a system of internal checks and balances with a clear division of roles and responsibilities is a prerequisite for accountability in anti-doping.

Read the full version of the Declaration of Guiding Principles for the Future of Anti-Doping here.
From 2023, iNADO will activate the Guiding Principles with our Members and non-members from the wider anti-doping community. It is clear to us that a proactive and strengthened anti-doping system will be better prepared for the future, and this can only be possible if all anti-doping stakeholders do their part to contribute.

Therefore, in addition to Member NADOs and RADOs, all stakeholders – WADA, athletes, laboratories, public authorities, sport organizations, media, sponsors, and any other organization and individuals involved in sport and anti-doping are encouraged to support, promote and implement these six Guiding Principles for the sustainable future of anti-doping.
Stay tuned for further information about our plan to activate the Guiding Principles with your support – the Future of Anti-Doping is bright!

iNADO presents the six Guiding Principles for the future of anti-doping. These are descriptions of what good anti-doping work looks like, principles all anti-doping organizations should embrace. Find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxPZvGL3j8E&t=5s