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A Call to strengthen Athlete Representation in iNADO Member Organizations

A healthy number (34) of athletes from International Federations from around 20 different countries have been nominated and deemed eligible to take part in the election to join WADA’s future Athlete Council. While the last available data to us suggests progress has been made over recent years in athlete representation in NADOs, there is still room for improvement. 

We encourage all Members to initiate and enhance mechanisms for athlete input in the governance and operations of anti-doping. To support this call, we have put together a set of recommendations to enhance athlete representation. Find more in the following piece in this Newsletter. 

iNADO strongly supports the first Guiding Principle for the Future of Anti-Doping, which focuses on protecting the rights, careers, health and safety of athletes, who are in the main focus of anti-doping.  iNADO encourages members to engage with mechanisms for athlete input in the governance and operations of anti-doping.

Therefore, the following paper aims to be the catalyst for Members to further consider how athletes are or can be represented within their organization, recognizing that there is not a one-size-fits all best practice or method to achieve this.