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iNADO Webinar: WADA NADO EAG Elections: What you need to know

The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO) hosted a webinar open for both Member and Non-Member NADOs in a collaboration with WADA on the WADA NADO EAG elections.

Recently WADA’s Governance Review Working Group recommended that WADA’s NADO Expert Advisory Group (EAG) be reformed to be comprised of ten elected representatives, with two from each of the five regions (Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania). To achieve this, WADA will organize regional elections for the NADOs to choose their ten representatives. From the ten representatives elected as members, the EAG will choose two members to join the Foundation Board and be the first NADO-representatives at the decision-making level of WADA in 2023. 

Participants joined the discussion with WADA to learn and ask questions about: 
•    The background behind the change to elect two NADO representatives to the EAG 
•    The scope of work of the EAG and the NADO representatives elected to it
•    The potential benefits it will have to NADOs to have an official elected spot on the EAG
•    The election process and important deadlines 

Florence Lefebvre-Rangeon (Deputy Director, Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships, responsible for coordinating the overall governance review process for WADA) 
Tom May (Director, NADO/RADO Relations, responsible for WADA’s development and engagement with NADOs and RADOs, including facilitating the work of the WADA NADO EAG) 
Rune Andersen (Chair, WADA NADO Expert Advisory Group, the Chair of the WADA NADO EAG since its establishment with several years' of antidoping experience)