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iNADO launches its YouTube Channel

We are happy to announce that our Youtube-channel is now active again and we have prepared a new compilation of Anti-Doping Videos.

With these playlists we intend to provide a common ground and platform for all relevant content in the Anti-Doping World. Our goal was to have all this information accessible for everybody all in one place.
We gathered around 100 videos from 16 channels from the past ten years until today and categorized them by topic into several playlists to give you a good overview.

The majority of the videos are in English only a few are in Dutch and Slovenian but carry English subtitles.
The videos primarily serve an educational purpose and to raise awareness for athletes, coaches and also professionals in the anti-doping field.
The playlists will steadily be updated, so please subscribe to the iNADO channel to never miss a new clip and also help us expand our range.

Just click the following link and hit the red ‘Subscribe’ button.