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New Governing Board 2024 - 2027

The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organizations e.V. (iNADO) held on 13 March in Lausanne the twelveth edition of its Annual General Assembly (AGA) for its 59 National and 9 Regional Anti-Doping Organization members.

The meeting was headlined by a presentation from the Chair Nick Paterson and the CEO Jorge Leyva on the progress achieved in 2023 to advance our purpose of Working Together Towards Excellence in Anti-Doping Practice. 

A general election of Governing Board Members was conducted following the terms set in our statues. We thank departing Board Members Nick Paterson (Drug Free Sport New Zealand), Lars Mortsiefer (NADA Germany), Maira Bakasheva (Kazakhstan NADO), Sarah Shibutse (Anti-Doping Agecny of Kenya), and Antonio Julio Nunes (Doping Control Authority of Portugal) for their dedication to advancing iNADO’s mission in the past years.
51 members participated in the AGA and elected following individuals to serve on the iNADO Governing Board for the term 2024 – 2027 (in alphabetical order):

•    Sarah Benson (Sport Integrity Australia)
•    Beatrice Bourgeois (French Anti-Doping Agency)
•    Teemu Japisson (Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports – 2nd term)
•    Tony Josiah  (U.K. Anti-Doping – 2nd term)
•    Deslyn Pather (South African Institute for Drug-free Sport)
•    Anders Solheim (Anti-Doping Norway) 
•    Lindsey Stafford (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency – 2nd term)
•    Li Zhiquan (China Anti-Doping Agency)

The newly elected members met on 14 March and following of the Rules of Procedure appointed Anders Solheim as Chair, and Lindsey Stafford as Vice Chair of iNADO for the period 2024 - 2027.

It is a great honor to be elected as Chair of the Governing Board of iNADO. I am looking forward to working with the Governing Board for strengthening the work and role of National and Regional Anti-Doping Organizations. National and Regional Anti-Doping Organizations carry out most of the doping controls and doping prevention globally. Personally, I am keen on raising the voice of NADOs in the international anti-doping community. My ambition is to ensure, that we can support and promote our members’ work for a clean, honest, and healthy sport into the future.  –  Anders Solheim

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all elected members and express our gratitude to all the candidates who participated in this process. The election demonstrated the wide interest of members in shaping the direction of iNADO and in ensuring the organization remains at the forefront of global anti-doping efforts.