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iNADO 2024 Annual General Assembly Invitation

Dear CEOs, dear Members:

We would like to invite you to the iNADO e.V. 2024 Annual General Assembly (AGA) that will take place on:

Location: SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland 
Date/Time: Wednesday, 13 March (17.30 CET*)  

*the AGA will take place following the closure of the WADA  Symposium and attendance is required in-person only.

Preliminary Agenda

  • Welcome and confirmation on the convening of the meeting and entitlement to pass resolutions
  • Approval of 2023 General Assembly Minutes
  • Reports
    • Report of the Governing Board Chair
    • Report of the CEO
    • Financial Report
  • Questions & approval from Members regarding reports of agenda item 3
  • Voting: Amendments to iNADO Constitution     
  • Voting: iNADO Membership Fees 2025
  • Election of Governing Board Members
  • Any other issues
  • Closure of the meeting

*Supportive documents will be sent at least two weeks before the meeting. 

Registration for AGA (member-only)

We look forward to seeing our members in Lausanne. Please use the link below to register for the AGA.

A separate registration for the iNADO Workshopis required.


    Registration form: Annual General Assembly

    Member organizations can decide which staff member(s) attend the AGA. Only one representative per Member may vote. All attendees must register. 

    Governing Board Elections

    Any member NADO and RADO, of any region and size, interested in participating in the strategic steering and supervision of iNADO activities is encouraged to nominate a candiadte for the upcoming Governing Board Elections. 

    Following points regarding the 2024 election are relevant for all members:

    • All eight seats of the Board will be open for election. The term of office shall be three (3) years. No individual shall serve on the Governing Board for more than two (2) consecutive terms. 

    NB: Two current Board Members have served two consecutive terms and as such will not be eligible for re-election during the 2024 AGA. 

    • Candidates for election to the Governing Board must have their names put forward by at least two members of the association. The candidate´s own NADO can be one of the two.
    • There are no requirements regarding the format of the letter of support.
    • Any member can support one or more candidates. 
    • The deadline to submit nominations is 13 February  (23:59 CET).
    • The nominations must be sent in writing to the CEO (via email to: jorge.leyva@inado.org). 

    We will circulate the list of candidates to our members shortly after the deadline. To facilitate the review of profiles, we encourage candidates to submit a short letter of intent (of max. one page) as well as their CVs in English.  

    Terms of Reference of the Governing Board

    It is worth reminding members that following Section 9 of the Constitution, the task of the Governing Board is an important one: namely to govern the business and affairs of the association. In exercising its authority, this includes, among others:

    • to interpret the objectives and missions set by the members (…);
    • to approve the association´s policies (…) and to ensure that the directions set at the General Assembly are implemented;
    • to set the broad goals of the strategic plan and to monitor the performance of its delivery

    The Governing Board consists of up to eight (8) individuals elected by the Association´s membership at the General Assembly.  The term of office shall be three (3) years for two consecutive terms. 

    Rules AGA

    § 8.1 iNADO Constitution: The General Assembly is the association´s supreme authority responsible for approving the association’s vision, objectives and missions as well as its general directions. 


    § 8.6 of the Constitution: The General Assembly shall be entitled to pass a resolution if at least half (50%) of the members are present.  Following § 3.1 of our Rules of Procedure if this number is not reached, a new general assembly can be called, which has the capacity to make decisions irrespective of the number of members present.


    § 7.1 of the Rules of Procedure: According to 6.6 of the statues, each member is entitled to one (1) vote. Members who cannot participate in the general assembly can transfer their vote to another member. Each member  of the association can cost no more than three (3) proxy votes. Templates for proxy are available upon request to info@inado.org or the CEO.  


    § 6.1 and § 6.2 of the Rules of Procedure: all members are entitled to submit motions. In accordance with § 8.4 of the constitution, motions must be submitted in writing to the CEO no later than one (1) month before the general assembly.

    Changes to the constitution

    § 8.3.7 of the Constitution: The Assembly is responsible for approving amendments to the association´s constitution, which shall require a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of valid votes counted. 

    Membership Fees

    § 8.3.4 The General Assembly is responsible  for approving the Budget and the Membership Fees and the Membership Fees Policy

    Confirmation of appointed Governing Board Members

    § 9.11 of the Constitution: the Governing Board shall have the right to appoint a full voting member to the Governing Board in the event that one of the elected positions falls vacant during any term of office. Such an appointment is to be ratified by the membership at the next General Assembly.

    Other information


    As in previous editions, hotel rooms can bebooked through the same platform as for the WADA ADO Symposium. Hotel rooms have been blocked also for our event. 

    Invitation Letters:

    In case you require an invitation letter please do so via email to: info@inado.org 


    • Any questions, reach out to us info@inado.org