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Priorities & Goals

iNADO's Vision

iNADOs vision is a supportive, international member community that is assisting each other in getting better in the fight against doping. Therefore, iNADO's slogan is: Clean Sport Together

iNADO's Mission

The mission of iNADO is to be an influential, international voice; seeking, sharing & promoting best practises and creating, leading and growing a supportive, international member community.

iNADO helps NADOs, especially developing ones, to improve their programmes and to adopt best practices. On the basis of constant information exchange and personal meetings iNADO assists its members to improve their programme and to demonstrate their reliability to other anti-doping organisations and to potential partners. In addition, iNADO will provide information and tools which build capacity of staff in various areas of anti-doping

But iNADO’s role is not limited to building anti-doping capacity. It acts as an advocacy organisation. It works on behalf of its member organisations to ensure that a clear and consistent message on anti-doping policy and practice is communicated to national and international sporting and government bodies such as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the government-to-government International Anti-Doping Arrangement (IADA), UNESCO and the Council of Europe.

iNADO's Structure

The iNADO Office is run by several full- and part-time staff members managed by a CEO. The office is advised by the iNADO Governing Board. The board has eight seats for their member organisations including chair and vice-chair. Each member is elected for a term of three years and can be re-elected once. Elections are held at iNADO's Annual General Assembly where every member organisation has one vote.

Further Information can be found in the Governance section.

Strategic Plan

The mission of iNADO is to bean influential, international Voice; seeking, sharing & promoting best practises and creating, leading and growing a supportive, international member community.

iNADO’s strategic plan sets objectives to achieve our vision of a world in which athletes at all levels participate in Clean Sport Together.

Our strategic plan provides tangible actions as to how we can achieve our mission and vision and have multiple and growing positive impacts in supporting the anti-doping community.

The objectives and achieved impact are evaluated and adjusted as we continually strive to meet the needs of our members and look to how we can best contribute to a strong and successful anti-doping community.

For more information on how iNADO is achieving its objectives please look at what we do

Strategic Plan 2020-2022 Strategic Plan 2015-2017 Strategic Plan 2012-2015