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Best Practices

iNADO leverages the strengths and expertise of its Members by identifying and providing access to up to date innovations and best practices. To promote best practices iNADO facilitates both online and face to face forums to leverage synergies in anti-doping initiatives across organisations.

Online Tools

Sharing best practices of its Members is a core task of iNADO. The institute develops and promotes effective tools while aiming to reduce the duplication of effort.

The contribution of Members, partners and sponsors to anti-doping is demonstrated in iNADO’s webinars, in which field experts support the education and development of other Members of the anti-doping community. Take a look at our Webinar Channel, where Members and non-Members of iNADO are regularly invited to join the exchange of knowledge.

If you would like to receive webinar invitations, please subscribe to iNADO’s newsletter.

iNADO Members have access to the iNADO Library. The institute has collected hundreds of resources including recorded webinars, surveys, education material from different members, meeting minutes, etc. that can be searched here. This growing library is one of the methods of iNADO to increase the member utilization of best sharing tools year on year.

Those interested in examples of the rationale of Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs) can access the Anti-Doping Knowledge Centre (ADKC), an online platform partner of iNADO. The archive consists of over 5000 records that include sanctions from NADOs, IFs, and CAS, scientific research, annual reports of ADOs and documents of WADA.

iNADO Workshop 2018

Face-to-Face Events

In face-to-face meetings we can gain a significantly better understanding of the concerns and expectations of our Members. The list of Members is long, therefore it is impossible to visit every single Member during the year. Therefore, during iNADO´s Annual General Meeting and Workshop (regularly in Lausanne in connection with WADA´s annual Symposium) we have the opportunity to meet and talk with many of our Members.

The workshop is also an opportunity for Members to interact with each other. Members can present challenges, positive experiences, and advice to others that can support the improvement of anti-doping programmes. From this, iNADO can learn how to best provide support and value. We feel confident that face-to-face meetings improve the efficiency, effectiveness and trust in anti-doping practices.