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The first Capability Register of member NADOs and RADOs is available!

iNADO is proud to present the first Capability Register of its member NADOs and RADOs. This was made possible thanks to the answers received 44 member NADOs and 9 RADOs to a survey launched by iNADO their members at the end of 2020.

The report provides a detailed picture of the members’ anti-doping capabilities, their program satisfaction and sheds light on members’ initiatives, indicators of performance and good practices. 
Responses to questions such as What is the average number of staff in a NADO? How many athletes were educated by the members in a year? Which skills are required from I&I staff? -  are answered throughout the document:

  • 2018-20 iNADO Capability Register of NADOs and RADOs – Full Report
  • 2018-20 iNADO Capability Register of NADOs and RADOs – Executive Summary + Infographics
  • 2018-20 iNADO Capability Register – Interactive visualization of results (Power BI)

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