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Leading a Supportive Community

We are certain that NADOs are the main source of knowledge and expertise in anti-doping. The institute identifies knowledge and develops a central resource of people, technical platforms and events to meet the diverse needs of our Members.

Communication Activities


iNADO maintains several channels for the purpose of communication as well as for the development of leadership and governance skills. By publishing our monthly newsletter we bring to the attention of our Members and non-Members a wide diversity of topics, documents, news and events they need to be aware of to support the quality of their anti-doping programme. You can subscribe to our newsletter in the footer of the website.

iNADO’s Podcast “iNADO Live Chat” follows our vision to share expertise, best practices, and to promote the diversity of opinions in ani-doping, we have created a podcast series that will feature all of these aspects. It introduces people and ideas to the wider sport integrity community and opens networking opportunities.

iNADO’s Social Media platform, Twitter, raises awareness of the role of iNADO, draws attention to anti-doping issues and provides another channel to engage with our stakeholders. Follow iNADO on Twitter.

NADO to NADO Support

The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations facilitates NADO to NADO support by connecting members with specific needs to members who have the skills and capacity to assist. Our goal is that the number of informal and formal agreements of NADO to NADO support increases each year, in particular supporting new and smaller members.

iNADO supports and encourages the building of well structured, strong & trusted relationships with each other, WADA, IF’s, Games Organisers and the ITA. It aims to generate trust and efficiency in anti-doping worldwide.