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International Voice

iNADO is the international voice of NADOs and it plays a leadership role in both advocating for and supporting independent National Anti-Doping Organisations and sporting partners to influence policy and decision making.

Policy Development

iNADO advocates for independent policy development and operations in NADOs and all other anti-doping organisations.

The iNADO Board of Directors meets quarterly, to discuss strategic policy issues and to determine the short and longer term priorities of the organisation.

Since the foundation of iNADO, policy advice has been provided to numerous National Anti-Doping Organisations of all sizes.



We participate in external working groups of the World Anti-Doping Agency, and lead internal working groups (e.g. Legal Working Group, IT-Security Working Group, etc.) to support positive exchange between Members.

To include the voice of Athletes in our own policy activities, iNADO regularly invites athletes (e.g., WADA Athlete Committee) to its board meetings as observers.

Relationships & Collaborations

Relationships & Collaborations

iNADO respects its role as an advocate for the NADOs. iNADO is committed to ensure that the collective views of NADO’s are heard and respected by sporting and government bodies and athletes. One central aspect to fulfil this role is an open and regular exchange with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) via personal meetings, consultations and teleconferences. Furthermore, iNADO participates regularly in meetings of the Ad Hoc European Committee for the World Anti-Doping Agency (CAHAMA) of the Council of Europe in order to represent the view of European NADOs towards the fight against doping.

Over the years, iNADO has developed strong relationships with a large number of International Sport Federations, Major Event Organisers, Research Institutions and new stakeholders in the fight for clean sport such as the International Testing Agency (ITA). Via information sharing with all those institutions we provide valuable information for iNADO’s Members.

It is iNADO´s objective, to increase the representation and influence of iNADO and its Members in critical meetings, and policy making processes.

Capturing the Voice of NADOs

Direct exchange with our Members is of utmost importance to build our relationships and learn how we can best support and provide value to our Members. Through visits and calls we can collect important insights and views of Members and understand their realities. The circumstances and resources of every Member which define their ability to conduct an effective anti-doping programme vary from one another. We always have an open ear for our Members to discuss together how we can make anti-doping better.

iNADO regularly uses surveys to collect and depict the mosaic of opinions, experiences and plans of its Members. The responses collected influence iNADOs policy to better represent the interests of our Members.