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Follow the latest updates on the iNADO Workshop 2022

Preliminary Workshop Agenda

The Workshop evolves around anti-doping capacity, in concrete about assessing, adapting and improving the capacities of Anti-Doping Organizations.

Anti-Doping has become a diverse, technical, and fast-evolving field. This development demands increasingly efficient use of resources to comply with the requirements of the Code. Therefore, we want to use this Workshop to pause, reflect and propose how Anti-Doping Organizations can make the best use of the tools, methods, knowledge, human and other resources they must make anti-doping programs stronger.  

The sessions will include a keynote speech from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the progress of the role of RADOs, management of ADOs, and many more.

Find here the preliminary agenda of the iNADO 2022 Workshop. We look forward to seeing many members and friends from the anti-doping community in Lausanne.

Please note, that the agenda is subject to change and a more detailed agenda with descriptions of each session and the panelist will be followed.

Register for the Workshop here.