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NADGO Observer

Please visit the NADGO website on Play the Game. There you can find the final report and also the tool with indicators.

This seminar was attended by more than 230 participants split over two days. It attracted representatives from WADA, NADOs, IFs, Students, Academic Institutions, the ITA, Athletes, etc. ….. 

The event provided a presentation of the scientific methodology of the NADGO and demonstrated the scores achieved by eight European, one African, one Asian and one American NADO. It is evident that all NADOs, even those who scored highly in the NADGO tool can do something to improve their governance.   

The event was also an excellent opportunity to hear many interesting perspectives around the state of Governance in Anti-Doping.  

iNADO would like to invite National Anti-Doping Organisations from all regions across the world to use the NADGO tool. The tool can be used by any NADO to identify possible gaps in their Governance to allow for improvement. We are certain that many NADOs would be able to make improvements to their governance by only studying the indicators and identifying small changes they can make to improve in transparency, social responsibility, inclusion of athletes, etc.  

For iNADO, one of the conclusions of this event was the recognition that there is no static or monolithic definition of Good Governance for NADOs. Those in the community looking for a technical solution to the complex problem of Good Governance will be disappointed. However, we could say that Good Governance must be seen as an evolving discussion, it not a destination it is a constant search and all stakeholders in anti-doping should strive continuously for better governance models and do the best job in protecting clean competitions.