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iNADO Workshops: Introducing IT-security Principles for ADOs

Earlier this year, iNADO initiated a discussion with IT-experts among iNADO members and WADA to share experiences to help identify risks to IT-security, as well as methods and tools to enhance IT-security and to create a forum for Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) to raise awareness of this issue in general.

For our last session this year, we would like to invite you to a special session around IT-security.

We want to bring back your awareness to the IT- threats and risks ADOs are faced to and introduce you to the document that was created as a result of these discussions: IT-security Principles for ADOs. During this webinar, we will guide through its 7 principles and a simple and practical approach to move from theory to practice depending on the IT level (literacy and resources) of your organisation. The document will be made available after the session.

Join session on Tuesday 15 December at 10:00 AM CET - Register here


Join session on Wednesday 16 December at 03:00 PM CET - Register here

To allow as many people as possible from different time zones to participate, the session will be held twice. We are also happy to share the stage with 2 of working group experts: Cori MacPhail from CCES (Canada), and Andrew Collins from Sport Integrity Australia.

We invite all ADOs to join this session, actively participate in the Q&A session. Alternatively, send us your questions in advance via the registration form of this webinar, to make sure they will be answered live.