Other iNADO Services

In addition to the services identified in the previous subpages of this website, iNADO offers a number of other services to its members.


  • Speaking with One Voice: iNADO engages its Members to produce shared input on anti-doping developments such as the contents of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards (Including the Prohibited List), and mandatory technical documents, and on other matters for decision of the WADA Executive Committee and Foundation Board.
  • iNADO Website Documents: The Members-only “Documents” section of the iNADO website provides hundreds of documents, presentations, lists of resources, video links, etc. exclusively to iNADO Members. Our more public face is the iNADO Facebook page: www.facebook.com/inado.org.
  • Quality Recognition Programme for Sample Collection: This programme will provide an expert and objective review of your sample collection activities. iNADO quality recognition will allow your NADO more easily to market its sample collection (and other services) to potential customers such as International Federations, and their local organizing committees, Major Event Organisers, Regional Anti-Doping Organisations, and other NADOs.
  • iNADO Member Communications: These twice-a-month newsletters for Members review current developments and summarise recent events. They address operational issues and share best practices. They highlight Member achievements and permit informed interaction between NADOs. They inform our Members of the work of other Anti-Doping Organisations, including at Major Games and by International Federations.
  • iNADO Representation: Positions for the community on important anti-doping matters.
  • Ask iNADO/Troubleshooting: Week in and week out, iNADO answers Members questions on antidoping operations. Or connects Members with each other to find solutions. “Ask iNADO“ shares answers on important practical questions from our Members, including on test distribution planning, on results management, and on anti-doping legislation and rules. Those answers will help your NADO with similar questions/problems.
  • The Anti-Doping Knowledge Centre (ADKC): This is the world’s largest collection of anti-doping resources. Although the ADKC can be used by anyone at no charge (www.doping.nl), it is of particular importance for leading NADOs for anti-doing research. iNADO Members contribute documents to the ADKC, such as scientific articles, legal decisions and educational resources.
  • Implementation of a Whistleblower IT-System: As part of a collective arrangement iNADO helps its Members in the implementation of a comprehensive whistleblower system at a severely discounted cost. This system is designed by a specialized provider of whistleblower platforms.
  • iNADO Expert Groups: The expert groups are a very good way to connect anti-doping practitioners of certain fields and to allow them to discuss anti-doping issues on a very detailed and practical level. Our experts groups on legal matters, on science matters, on major games operations, and on education and prevention are particularly active.
  • iNADO Legal Notes: Available exclusively to iNADO Members, these legal notes analyse current Anti-Doping matters and suggest how NADOs ought to approach important legal issues.
  • iNADO Anti-Doping Training Manual for New NADO Staff: This is an extensive introduction to antidoping for new NADO staff. It assists NADOs to support new staff hit the ground running sooner and with an adequate background of basic concepts, terminology, knowledge of the main players in and the main elements of anti-doping. It has been adapted by several Members, including into a Spanish-language version.
  • Free access to the daily Jim Ferstle Media Summaries and to iNADO translated documents.
  • Discounted conference fees: For instance iNADO Members had free access for the International Sports Convention, Geneva 2016.
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