iNADO Workshop

The iNADO Workshop takes place annually and targets the specific needs of National Anti-Doping Organisations. The programme content focuses on topics suggested by iNADO and its members and provides an inspirational environment for anti-doping practitioners to discuss key challenges and to share best practices. It is therefore a superb opportunity for professional development and a great platform for networking.

iNADO Workshops are regularly held in conjunction with the WADA ADO Symposium in Lausanne to maximise the number of participants from overseas. Non-member Organisations; NADOs, RADOs, IFs, MEOs, Labs, Researchers, and Independent Experts, can also participante for a recovery fee.  


Key Facts

• 50+ NADOs

• Workshop

• 15+ IFs

• Case Studies

• 150+ Attendees



• 40+ NADO CEOs

• Breakout Sessions




Photo Gallery

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