2017 iNADO Athlete & Leader Symposium: Making Anti-Doping Better

October 30 and 31, 2017, Athletes and NADO Leaders are invited to a two-day symposium on how to make anti-doping better.  This unprecedented gathering of NADO executives and athletes will be a unique opportunity to debate anti-doping issues and improvements, to exchange views and to enhance athlete contributions to protecting clean sport.  It will also give a wide spectrum of NADO leaders and their key clients the chance to contribute to anti-doping reform.  
The symposium will not be open to the media; however, “Chatham House Rules” will be in effect so that participants are free to speak publicly about what was discussed without attributing views to individuals.

Our preliminary programme includes a mix of key note presentation, panel discussion, open forum and debate, with a focus on interaction with all participants.  Mobile technology will be used to solicit participants’ views throughout the two days to produce a symposium survey that will contribute authoritatively to improving anti-doping.  Topics under consideration to take best advantage of our mix of athletes and executives include:
* Latest Research on the Prevalence of Doping (presentation + Q&A)
* Promoting a Culture of Whistleblowing (presentation + panel discussion)
* What is the role of Reformed Dopers in Anti-Doping (and should potential for rehabilitation be a ground for a reduction or suspension of Code sanctions)? (panel discussion + open forum)
* Anti-Doping Data Use vs. Anti-Doping Data Privacy (debate + Q&A)
* Innovative Anti-Doping Technology (whereabouts tracking, paperless sample collection, new sample matrices, etc.) (presentations + Q&A)
* Policy Issues of the Day (what to do about Russia, the role of the Independent Testing Authority, ADO (including WADA) Governance, resetting world records, how to recover prize money etc.) (panel discussion + open forum)
* Changes needed in the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code (presentation + open forum)

Location of Symposium
Hosted by Berlinger Special AG (Ganterschwil, Switzerland), innovators of world-leading doping control kits and other anti-doping equipment, participants will also have the opportunity to see how that equipment is produced and assembled.
Space at the Berlinger facility is limited. Until June 23, registration is only open to the Leaders of iNADO Members. Then registration will open for your Athletes on a first come, first-served basis. Thereafter, if spaces remain, iNADO will invite other Athletes or other NADO Leaders to participate. Our goal is to maximize the presence of iNADO Members, and to have as close as space permits to an equal number of Athletes and NADO leaders participating.

Monday, October 30, 2017
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
9h00-14h00 (Optional Berlinger Factory Tour: 14h00-15h00)

NADO Leaders: Board Chairs, CEOs or COOs
Athletes: active or retired, from Olympic or Paralympic Movement, team or individual sport, summer or winter sport

There are two conference hotels at the Zurich Airport with special prices for conference delegates. On both conference days, delegates will be picked up at their hotels and brought back to their hotels by shuttle busses (times for pick-ups at the hotels will be communicated in the conference package that will be sent a few weeks before the event).

Reservation form Park Inn

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