2019 iNADO Workshop (Lausanne)

2019 iNADO Workshop Presentations


Presentations will be here for a period of two weeks. Later they will be made available for iNADO members in our document section http://www.inado.org/nc/documents.html


  • How to allocate resources in a TDP - (Criteria, tools and effectiveness)

Jesús Munoz-Guerra (AEPSAD) and Per Inge Rustad (ADNO)

  • Social drugs and doping

Martial Saugy and Raphael Faiss (REDs)

  • The role of e-learning in education

Vanessa Reid-Ledford (JADCO) and Margarita Pakhnotskaya (RUSADA)

  • Cooperation with IF testing programmes

Leslie Buchanan (ITU), Benjamin Cohen (ITA) and Thomas Capdevielle (AIU)

  • Challenges answered and raised by the draft 2021 Code

Jesper Frigast Larsen (ADD) and Léa Reguer-Petit (AFLD)

  • Moving from reactivity to proactivity. Building a programme for the long term

Amanda Hudson and Colin Allen (UKAD)

  • “Hard Cases make Bad Law” Hard cases in results management and how to avoid pitfalls in the doping control

David Lech (CCES) and Stefan Trinks (NADA Germany)

  • How can iNADO better assist and facilitate the sharing and implementation of best practice, geographically and culturally?

Michael Ask (ADD)

  • How to systematically capture, analyse and incorporate information into testing and investigations

Lindsey Stafford (USADA) and Saerom Lee (KADA)

2019 Agenda

This year´s event focusses on today's more active role of athletes in anti-doping policies as well as the perspective of smaller NADOs on anti-doping issues in general. In addition to exchanging experiences there will also be specially interactive breakout units.

Review here the preliminary agenda.

This is an overview of what you can expect in each breakout session.

In 2019 we welcome the registrations of Member-NADOs, Non-Member NADOs, IFs, RADOs, Athlete and Government Representatives, Scientists, as well as Independent Experts.

Closer to the event, participants will be asked to confirm the breakout sessions they would like to attend. 

General Information

Annual General Meeting (for iNADO Members only)
Monday, March 11, 2019 - Afternoon (Agenda tbc)

iNADO Workshop
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 08h30-18h00

Location: Syntathlon building of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Registration Fees (includes lunch and coffee breaks)
iNADO Members: first two delegates free of charge, every additional €125 ea.
Non-Members: €200 ea. (an invoice will be sent separately).

We suggest booking your hotel room through the website of the WADA ADO Symposium (link)

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