2017 iNADO Workshop - Participant List

It was a pleasure to see so many Anti-Doping Experts from all parts of the world at our event at the University of Lausanne. Thanks to everyone for making this event a success.

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2017 iNADO Workshop & AGM: NADO Operations in 2017

Anti-doping is a dynamic field.  Anti-doping programmes must evolve and innovate to be effective and to keep the trust of clean athletes. 

Programme iNADO Workshop

Lessons for NADOs from the McLaren Report (Graeme Steel, DFSNZ)

Data Protection & Information Sharing (Paulo Silva, European Commission) Available upon request to jorge.leyva@inado.org

Guarding Against Cyber Attacks (Cori McPhail, CCES)

Promoting a culture of whistleblowing (Kelsey Erickson, Leeds Beckett University)

A secure whistleblower platform (Peter Dagø, Got Ethics)

Protecting and supporting whistleblowers (Johann Koss, Fair Sport)

Using whistleblower information (Martin Rostgaard, ADD)

NADO – IF Operational Collaboration: The FINA-NADOs pre-RIO Example (FINA, Svensk Anti-Doping, SAIDS)

Incorporating Analytics into Risk Assessment to drive Smart Testing (Matthew Fedoruk, USADA)

Data use for doping testing: what does performance data tell us? (Sergei Iljukov, Estonian ADA)

Breakout Sessions:

Using ADAMS to Best Advantage (Jesus Muñoz-Guerra, AEPSAD)

WADA Code Compliance Challenges and Solutions (Gobinathan Nair, Southeast Asia RADO)

NADO Athlete Committees – Creating Them and Benefitting from Them (Kana Sato, JADA & Silke Kassner, NADA German)

The right sample, the right athlete, the right time (Martial Saugy, REDs)

NADO Good Governance (Andrea Gotzmann, NADA Germany)

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