Board of Directors

The current board of directors is composed by the following eight members:

Michael Ask (ADD, Chair)

Michael Ask is the CEO of Anti-Doping Denmark. Michael joined the anti-doping community in 2015 after a 30-year long employment in the Danish Police, ending his career as detective chief superintendent and Head of Department.

Since joining Anti-Doping Denmark (ADD) as CEO, Michael has focused primarily on strengthening the organization's ability to work intelligence-based within the field of anti-doping, as well as within the newly added responsibility as being appointed to be the secretariat for the national platform to combat manipulation of sport competitions. Additionally, he has strengthened the security policy of ADD.

Internationally, Michael has been very active advocating for more transparency and independence in the structures of Anti-Doping Organizations for the benefit of clean sport.

Michael has played tennis on national top level in Denmark, and still enjoys the game together with golf and other sports.

Petteri Lindblom (FINCIS)

Petteri is the Legal Director of Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports, FINCIS, since December 2016.

Petteri has a long experience working in sports. While working for 15 years in the Finnish Football Association he was in charge of antidoping matters including regulations, disciplinary processes and education of the clubs. Also, he has been in charge of tackling competition manipulation. This has included investigations, regulations, disciplinary processes and also implementation of the rules and standards of the International organisations such as FIFA and UEFA.

Michal Rynkowski (POLADA)

Michal Rynkowski is the CEO of the Polish Anti-Doping Agency and a gradueate of the Faculty of Law and Administration, Warsaw University. In 2009 he joined the Commission Against Doping in Sport and in 2010 was appointed Office Director. Since then he has been responsible for the development of anti-doping programs and oversees the test management unit, education unit and the office.

During his tenure he has worked for further international cooperation and facilitation of cooperation between organizations. In 2017 he oversaw the anti-doping program during The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw (Poland). In 2016 and 2017 Michal was involved in the legislation process of a new anti-doping act at the Polish Parliament as well as in the transformation of the Polish Commission Against Doping in Sport into Polish Anti-Doping Agency.


Lars Mortsiefer (NADA Germany)

Lars Mortsiefer started his career at the National Anti-Doping Agency of Germany (NADA Germany) in 2008 as a Legal Advisor and Data Protection Coordinator. He was appointed to the Executive Board in 2010 and became thereafter the Legal Director. He is an active member at international fora: he has been the Head of the Advisory Group on Legal Issues at the Council of Europe (CoE) where he is a member in a few other expert groups. He has also supported iNADO as Head of its Legal Experts Group. He is a lecturer at the universities of Cologne and Giessen, Germany.

His vision is to build strong and reliable alliances for a doping-free sport by creating dynamic and effective processes based on harmonized rules, scientific and intelligence-led testing and valued-based education.

Herman Ram (Dutch Doping Authority, Vice Chair)

Herman Ram is the Chief Executive Officer of the Anti-Doping Authority the Netherlands. He has held this position since 2006.

After working twelve years as a librarian, Herman Ram started his career in sport management in 1992, when he became Secretary General of the Royal Netherlands Chess Federation. In 1994, he moved on to the same position at the Netherlands Badminton Federation. He was founder and first secretary of the Foundation for the Promotion of Elite Badminton that was instrumental in the advancement of Dutch badminton. In 2000 he was appointed Secretary General of the Netherlands Ski Federation, where he focused, among other things, on the organization of large snowsports events in the Netherlands.

Since his appointment as CEO of the Anti-Doping Authority, he has developed a special interest in legal, ethical and managerial aspects of anti-doping policies, on which he has delivered numerous presentations and lectures. On top of that, he acts as spokesperson for the Doping Authority.

Onke Ngwane (SAIDS; Treasurer)

Onke Ngwane is accountant at the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport. Onke is a Chartered Accountant.  Prior to joining the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport as Financial Manager in 2015, he worked as an auditor and as a manager at KPMG Incorporated and at the Auditor General of South Africa.

Keiko Uchitani (JADA)

Ms. Keiko Uchitani is Education Manager at the Japan Anti-Doping Agency and a graduate of the  University of Oregon.  She has acquired invaluable professional experience outside of anti-doping.

Before joining JADA she spent more than 10 years in the IT trading industry as a marketing and sales manager and seven years as a business consultant. At the latter she built and supported corporate strategies, business planning and cooperate vision creation.

In 2014 she joined the Japan Anti-Doping Agency as the head of the Education and International Relations Division where she has managed numerous successful projects at the agency.

Nick Paterson (DFSNZ)

Since 2017 Nick Paterson is the Chief Executive of Drug Free Sport New Zealand. He graduated from the University of London in Mathematics (Hons) and before joining DFSNZ he build his career in the private and in the public sector focusing in integrity issues.

This predominantly related to fraud and corruption/corrupt behaviour (including bullying), and at various times he has been responsible for education, training and communication, detection and deterrence, investigation and prosecution. Nick is also Executive Fellow of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, a Fellow Chartered Accountant of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, and member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

His commitment to iNADO is based on the belief that iNADO has a vital part to play in representing and coordinating NADOs to achieve the required change for the good.

Terms of Board of Directors

Board members are eligible for a maximum of two terms. Each term consists of three years. The attached file offers an overview over the terms of current and past board of directors. Click here.


At present, iNADO has three staff working in its offices in Bonn, Germany.

Jorge Leyva


Jorge Leyva is the CEO of iNADO.

He studied Economics and Business Administration in Heidelberg, Germany, and in his hometown Guadalajara, Mexico. 

He also holds a Master's Degree in Sport Management from the German Sport University in Cologne (DSHS) where he focused his research on sport development and sport policy.  Before joining iNADO he held positions in management areas such as supply chain, sales and finance of large- and medium-sized companies. Consequence of his work as research assistant at the DSHS, he is co-author in scientific research around governmental sport policies. 


Jonas Hebchen

Jonas Hebchen supports iNADO in an assisting position since the spring of 2018. He is currently a Masters Degree student at the German Sport University in Cologne majoring in Exercise Science and Coaching.
In 2018 he graduated at the same university (B. Sc. in Sport Sciences) with a thesis on high-performance sports.

Until February 2018 Jonas worked at the Cologne Lab (Institut of Biochemistry and Manfred Donike Institute for Doping Analytics) and gained experience in the field of doping analytics and lab administration.

Jonas is a track- and cross country competitive runner.

Franziska Heinrichsmeier


Franziska is the Communications Officer of iNADO. In her position Franziska is responsible for all communication channels of iNADO, including newsletters and social media platforms, connecting its members but also other parties involved in the work of NADOs. Furthermore, she is the contact person for events organised by iNADO.

A bachelor in sports journalism and doping cases in German media were her starting point to anti-doping. She also holds a master´s degree in "International Sport Development and Politics" of the German Sports University in Cologne.

During her Master´s studies Franziska worked at the education department of NADA Germany and gained experience in the field of preventive structures in anti-doping especially with young athletes. She focused her Masters' thesis on the influence of athletes in the draft of the WADC 2021. 


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