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iNADO is the member association of National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs). iNADO’s mission is to promote and share best practices among its members and to be NADOs’ international voice. At present it has 67 members representing all Olympic Regions. According to the latest WADA Testing Statistics, iNADO’s current 67 members do approximately 57% of all doping control world-wide. Of the 25 biggest NADOs (according to number of tests), 24 are already iNADO Members. This is a strong community of world-leading anti-doping practitioners.

Tere are many challenges for NADOs:

  • Improving anti-doping quality while ensuring adequate funding and managing anti-doping costs.

  • WADA’s Code Compliance Questionnaire.

  • Testing according to the revised Technical Document on Sport Specific Analysis (TDSSA).

  • Results management with increased sanctions, and more consideration of case-by-case circumstances. 

  • Developing intelligence and investigation practices, including encouraging athletes and others to speak out about doping practices.

  • Deciding on what basis to give automatic recognition to the therapeutic use exemptions of other anti-doping organisations. 

  • Maintaining operational autonomy in face of NADO reorganisation to facilitate sharing with public authorities.

  • Public and media concern, even skepticism, about the effectiveness of anti-doping.

Addressing these challenges is necessary so that your NADO better protects clean athletes. iNADO will support you to manage anti-doping’s new requirements in these and other areas. To do so needs greater international communication and collaboration, sharing of best practices, and learning from other NADOs. And greater cooperation with International Federations and Major Event Organisations. iNADO makes these interactions much easier. 

iNADO already serves its Members in many ways, including:

  • Practical anti-doping resources, hosted in the Document Section of the iNADO website (, including template documents, legal notes and intelligence and investigations resources.

  • Solving Members’ technical anti-doping issues.

  • A training programme for new NADO staff.

  • Professional development through iNADO's annual Workshop, and by supporting the seminars, conferences and meetings offered by its Members.

  • Regular communications and updates on anti-doping developments and issues. And connecting our community through Basecamp and Facebook.

  • Expert networks in areas such as testing and the TDSSA, law, intelligence and investigations and major games services, to share information, issues and solutions.

  • Cooperation with other important anti-doping stakeholders including WADA, SportAccord, the World Association of Anti-Doping Scientists (WAADS), the Monitoring Group of the Council of Europe, UNESCO, and the International Anti-Doping Arrangement (IADA).

  • A forum for considering strategic issues facing NADOs (such as new sources of funding, how to address match-fixing and other ethical issues in sport, and engaging government authorities and their leaders), including special webinars for NADO CEOs.

  • iNADO Webinars on practical and operational anti-doping matters

For the next years iNADO will support its Members complete WADA's Code Compliance Questionnaire and to improve NADOs' activities in various areas such as values-based education, testing, therapeutic use exemptions, intelligence and investigations and results management. iNADO will continue its webinar programme for Members to share best practices in particular areas of anti-doping work.

iNADO is a non-profit company, limited by guarantee (of £1 per Member), founded in 2012 under the laws of the United Kingdom. It is governed by an elected Board of well-known anti-doping experts. Its headquarters are in Bonn, Germany.  It employs four staff: Jorge Leyva, Franziska Heinrichsmeier and Jonas Hebchen. For more information, please go to This is iNADO.

You can join iNADO by completing and submitting the Membership application form.  Once the Membership application is approved by the Board of Directors, iNADO will issue an invoice for the annual Membership fee.  Fees are based on the national contribution to WADA, calculated at 20% of that contribution to a maximum of US$8.270.

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