Board Elections 2018

Three seats on the iNADO Board will be decided at the upcoming iNADO AGM. iNADO received nominations of seven individuals who now stand for election to the iNADO Board.

Click below to see their profiles. They appear in the order received.

Ms. Keiko Uchitani

Japan Anti-Doping Agency

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Mr. Yuriy Ganus

Russian Anti-Doping Agency

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Mr. Michal Rynkowski

Director of Polish Anti-Doping Agency

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Mr. Nick Paterson

Drug Free Sport New Zealand

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Mr. Onke Ngwane

South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport

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Mr. Michael Cepic

National Anti-Doping Agency Austria

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Mr. Osama K. Ghoniem

Egyptian Anti-Doping Organisation

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Board of Directors

The current board of directors has the following eight members:

Doug MacQuarrie (CCES, Chair)

Doug has enjoyed a broad range of roles with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). Prior to becoming Chief Operating Officer, he was Director of Ethics and Anti-Doping after being retained originally to lead the CCES’ work with the True Sport Movement – Canada’s social movement for sport and community.

Before joining the CCES, he had a lengthy tenure as Director, Health Promotion for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada where oversaw the development of information, programs and services regarding the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease.

Earlier in his career, Doug was the Technical Director for Ringette Canada where he oversaw rules development and led the advancement of the training and development programs and materials for players, coaches, officials and volunteer sport administrators in this on-ice team sport.


Andrea Gotzmann (NADA Germany, Vice Chair)

Above all, equal chances for all athletes worldwide are one of the most important points of Andrea Gotzmann’s engagement in anti-doping. As Chairperson of NADA Germany’s Executive Board since 2011, as Member of iNADO’s Board of Directors since 2013 and as Head of the Advisory Group of Science of the Council of Europe, her goal is international commitment to clean sport.  

As a long-time anti-doping expert she joined the anti-doping community many years ago. Since being a student at the Manfred Donike Institute for Doping Analysis, affiliated Institute to the Institute for Biochemistry, German Sport University Cologne, IOC / WADA accredited laboratory for doping analysis, where she as well received her doctors degree in biochemistry, she gained over 25 years of experience as research scientist in anti-doping. She has been a Member of the World Anti-Doping Scientists (WAADS) since 2004 and Member of the Association of Official Racing Chemists (AORC) since 1995

Andrea was a member of the German National Basketball Team with eleven German championship titles, six titles for the A-squad of the national team, six titles in the so called "Pokal" with AGON 08 Düsseldorf, and 103 international matches. So she also brings for anti-doping an in the athlete’s perspective and the knowledge of the sport structures.

Herman Ram (Dutch Doping Authority)

Herman Ram is the Chief Executive Officer of the Anti-Doping Authority the Netherlands.. He has held this position since 2006. After working twelve years as a librarian, Herman Ram started his career in sport management in 1992, when he became Secretary General of the Royal Netherlands Chess Federation. In 1994, he moved on to the same position at the Netherlands Badminton Federation. He was founder and first secretary of the Foundation for the Promotion of Elite Badminton that was instrumental in the advancement of Dutch badminton. In 2000 he was appointed Secretary General of the Netherlands Ski Federation, where he focused, among other things, on the organization of large snowsports events in the Netherlands. Since his appointment as CEO of the Anti-Doping Authority, he has developed a special interest in legal, ethical and managerial aspects of anti-doping policies, on which he has delivered numerous presentations and lectures. On top of that, he acts as spokesperson for the Doping Authority.

Onke Ngwane (SAIDS; Treasurer)

Onke Ngwane is accountant at the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport. Onke is a Chartered Accountant.  Prior to joining the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport as Financial Manager in 2015, he worked as an auditor and as a manager at KPMG Incorporated and at the Auditor General of South Africa.

Shin Asakawa (JADA)

Shin Asakawa is the Chief Executive Officer of the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA). Under Shin’s guidance, JADA has become is a leader in supporting capacity building among NADOs, especially in Asia.

Shin has had many involvements in sport and in anti-doping. Over a decade ago he was a member of the drafting group for the UNESCO International Convention Against Doping in Sport, and more recently a member of Drafting Group 3 for the 5th International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS V). Shin was a member of the WADA Independent Observer Team for the 2007 Rio de Janeiro PanAm Games. Since 2005, he has been a member of the Anti-Doping Committee of the Japanese Olympic Committee. Since 2012 he has also been a Board member of the Japan Sports Arbitration Agency, as well as a Board member of the Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sport Institute.



Patrick Goh (AD Singapore)

An accredited Sports Medicine specialist and firm believer in drug-free sport, Patrick has been actively involved in anti-doping since 1991, when he trained and served as a DCO for various international events held in Singapore. He was former chairman of the Singapore National Olympic Council’s Anti-Doping In Sports Commission (SNOC-ADSC), and was instrumental in the formation of Singapore’s full time NADO, Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) in 2010. He then served as ADS Board Chairman up till it’s restructuring, subsequently continuing as Chairman of Singapore’s National Anti-Doping Advisory Board (NADAB).

He has been Singapore’s Board Member to SEARADO (South-East Asian Regional Anti-Doping Organisation) since its inception in 2006, and has been its Chairman since 2013.

He was appointed to WADA’s Ad-Hoc RADO Advisory Committee in 2012 and 2013. and was a member of iNADO’s founding board in 2012.

Michael Ask (ADD)

Michael Ask is the CEO of Anti-Doping Denmark. Michael joined the anti-doping community in 2015 after a 30-year long employment in the Danish Police, ending his career as detective chief superintendent and Head of Department.

Since joining Anti-Doping Denmark (ADD) as CEO, Michael has focused primarily on strengthening the organization's ability to work intelligence-based within the field of anti-doping, as well as within the newly added responsibility as being appointed to be the secretariat for the national platform to combat manipulation of sport competitions. Additionally, he has strengthened the security policy of ADD.

Internationally, Michael has been very active advocating for more transparency and independence in the structures of Anti-Doping Organizations for the benefit of clean sport.

Michael has played tennis on national top level in Denmark, and still enjoys the game together with golf and other sports.

Petteri Lindblom (FINCIS/FINADA)

Petteri is the Legal Director of Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports, FINCIS, since December 2016.

Petteri has a long experience working in sports. While working for 15 years in the Finnish Football Association he was in charge of antidoping matters including regulations, disciplinary processes and education of the clubs. Also, he has been in charge of tackling competition manipulation. This has included investigations, regulations, disciplinary processes and also implementation of the rules and standards of the International organisations such as FIFA and UEFA




Terms of Board of Directors

Board members are eligible for a maximum of two terms. Each term consists of three years. The attached file offers an overview over the terms of current and past board of directors. Click here.


At present, iNADO has three staff working in its offices in Bonn, Germany.

Graeme Steel

Graeme Steel is the CEO of iNADO since Dec. 1, 2017. He completed his Teachers Certificate from Christchurch Teachers College in 1977. He captained New Zealand’s Volleyball team between 1983 & 1985. Graeme has international and national coaching qualifications in multiple sports.

Graeme established the anti-doping programme at New Zealand Olympic Committee, and was thereafter appointed as Chief Executive of NZ Sports Drug Agency in 1994. He was part of the IADA working group to create the International Standard for Testing. He has also served on several WADA Independent Observer Teams and on the WADA Executive Committee and Foundation Board. Graeme has received several awards in recognition of his contribution to anti-doping, including most recently the Queens award as an “Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit” for services to Sport.

Graeme continued as CEO of Drug Free Sport NZ before taking over as CEO of iNADO in December 2017. He reports to iNADO’s Board of Directors, and through it to iNADO’s Members


Jorge Leyva

Jorge Leyva is iNADO's Communication & Administration Coordinator. He studied Business Administration in Heidelberg, Germany, and in his hometown Guadalajara, Mexico.  He also holds a Master's Degree in Sport Management from the German Sport University in Cologne where he focused his research on sport development and sport policy.  Before joining iNADO he held positions in management areas such as supply chain, sales and finance of large- and medium-sized companies.

In his position, Jorge supports the Chief Executive Officer and the Operations Manager in their work, and ensures that daily administrative tasks are managed in an effective and efficient manner. He is also leading the iNADO's coporate communication.


Mathias Merschhemke

Mathias Merschhemke is iNADO’s Operations Manager. He has a Bachelor in Sports Management from the University of Applied Science in Nijmegen, Netherlands; and a Master of Science in Sport Management from the German Sport University in Cologne.  

Mathias has worked in sport projects in Nicaragua, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands and has gained work experience in the fields of administration and member coordination in several sport federations and sport clubs. Mathias has joined iNADO in December 2013 as the Assistant to the CEO. He then had been iNADO's Member Services Coordinator before he became iNADO's Operation Manager in July 2016.

In his position, Mathias is responsible for the assistance of member NADOs in operational questions and for the development of future services for NADOs and anti-doping practitioners. He also oversees iNADO's operational management and its day-to-day activities.



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